Social responsibility

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Sustainable development of the environment

● Promote online electronic sign-off(E-flow),And asked employees to use less paper and paper to promote the recycling of recycled paper, etc., in order to reduce the impact of environmental impact。


●No food, beverage, and food packaging services are provided to reduce unnecessary garbage in the lunch boxes.
●Wooden furniture is mainly made of recycled materials such as dense plates.
●Automatic adjustment of night lighting opening and closing time according to seasonal season。
●Catering mainly uses locally sourced ingredients to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from raw materials.
●The operating place adjusts the opening time and temperature of air-conditioning in due course。

● Use environmentally friendly/energy-saving label products
●Promote waste classification and resource recovery policies To reduce waste production.
● Strengthen green planting.

In service area of ​​operation:

● Set up indoor air quality monitoring equipment to monitor and adjust temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide. At the entrance and exit, air doors are provided for cold room management.
● The operating place adjusts the air-conditioning opening time and temperature in due course.

Quality certification management

  • Restaurant certification

    Resorts and restaurant certification of
    HACCP and ISO22000 in the Taian/Hukou service area of ​​the operation

  • Food Safety Laboratory

    The “Food Safety Inspection Room” is set up in the Tai’an service area of ​​the operation to conduct pesticide residue inspection and microbiological testing on the ingredients supplied by the company to provide safety and hygiene in compliance with statutory regulations and ensure consumer safety.

  • Excellent toilet

    The resorts participate in the food safety and hygiene assessment organized by the county government to protect consumers' food safety issues. Public toilets have also been awarded with good toilets by the county to provide consumers with standards that meet the standards for toilets.

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