Corporate History

Established in 1989, the Nanren Lake Company started its career as a small Kenting denim resort village and has thus far become the largest domestic leisure service industry and the promotion of private participation in public construction (OT and BOT) business groups, starting from the southernmost tip of Taiwan. Starting from now, all stations from the north to the south have a footprint in the business of Nanren Lake.

In 2000, he obtained the operating rights of the "Aquarium Division" of the "National Museum of Marine Biology" and established a subsidiary "Seaview World Enterprise Co., Ltd." responsible for professional management and management, and developed in all areas such as community, entertainment, and internationality. In the same year, it obtained the right to operate the Xiluo service area, actively participated in the promotion of private participation in public construction (OT and BOT) cases, provided better and convenient services for passers-by, and obtained expressway Zhongli, Hukou, Tai'an, etc. in 2013. Xiluo, Gukeng, Dongshan and Guanmiao service areas provide a high quality, intimate and comfortable service environment for passers-by.

In 2014, Kaohsiung Yida University Hospital and Yida Medical Hospital were provided with the right to operate food courts and expand business services to medical courts.

Founder Mr. Li Qingbo, who is a native of Yujing Township, Tainan County, despite his poverty, has expanded his business territory with an unyielding spirit, emphasizing that he is on the forefront of trends, creating newer services and commodities, and leading to Nanren Lake. The spirit of the company moving forward. The future Nanren Lake enterprise will provide consumers with comprehensive leisure travel and business services with core values ​​of innovation, service and quality. From the highway rest area, resort village, health food and beverage, to local specialty products, Nanren Lake Companies are selective with a wide range of commodities to meet all your needs.