corporate vision

"To be the most professional leisure and circulation team in Taiwan" and to "create the best quality consumer environment with innovation, service and quality so that consumers can buy peace of mind and peace of mind"

1. Plan to develop local specialties that are rich in regional colors and make good use of corporate marketing channels to meet the changing consumer demand.
2. Integrate the tourism methods of multiple needs such as leisure, entertainment, catering, accommodation, etc., and create market differentiation. Combine creative marketing to provide diversified travel packages to improve performance.
3. The opening of mainland tourists to Taiwan will help the highway service area and the investment in the sea-view company. There will be significant profits from the company's revenue and profits, and the profit will increase significantly. The loss-making business will be carefully evaluated.
4. Currently obtaining service management in service areas in Greater China:
(1) South Lake Crossing Bridge North Line Service Area in Hangzhou Bay
(2) South Bank Service Area of ​​Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge in Zhejiang Province

[Vision for the future] based in Taiwan

(1) Continuing efforts to obtain the right to operate the OT case in the leisure industry in order to maintain the advantages of establishing an access route.
(2) National Service Area: It will break away from the traditional business model, lead the economic reforms of the people, establish a win-win partnership, use diversified commodities, rebuild business objectives and cost control, and make the national roads run To another peak.
(3) Nanren Lake Exploration Experience Park: Explore the educational experience park at the HSR Taichung Station. The combination of the conference room rental and parking lot business period will explore business opportunities with diversified operations.
(4) Small Kenting Resort Management: The Company's thinking and analysis are its own policies of Red Sea and Blue Ocean to solve this problem, that is, the cost of internal control and the use of integrated benefits, and the identification of its own uniqueness of external goods can increase profitability. Make your business more smooth.
(5) In the construction field, with the company's innovative thinking, the housing environment that best meets human nature and leisure needs to be built.

Looking at the Mainland

(1) Operational adjustment of existing service area.
(2) Development of operating points and creation of results - When investing in other service areas, their peripheral value will be included in the assessment project, and the profitable space will be expanded through the availability of the surrounding hinterland; the other is to strive for the sales department of the passenger terminal and railway station. Significantly reduce capital expenditures and expand business performance to improve profitability.
(3) With a certain market base of customer base, the Company will strive to operate the operation mode of the store in the store in order to expand its business performance and increase profitability.
(4) Actively strive for the opportunity of the urban exhibition store to accelerate the rapid growth of revenue and achieve the goal of profit.
(5) Establish brand channels.
(6) Establish a food factory and build its own brand, You Mi, to allow Taiwan to bake food and sell it hot across the mainland.